Our products’ design is based on modularity and interchangeability principles. Each office set can be developed and designed to meet the customized needs of users, without the price of customization. High quality, North American Produced product lines, with the modernization and expectation sought out by the Canadian Business.


Versatile benching, storage, and lay-out options suited to fit each office space; GBI develops both customizable presentations and office standards for Nationwide clients, and start up offices alike.


The combination of comfort, technology, and regulation are requirements for where we receive our care.


Learning environments are no longer rows of single unit desks - expanding the mind is inspired by how the space is used.


Some of the greatest advantages of the modern business is the ability to bring their teams together to create a think tank.


Impressions are made in meeting spaces, thoughts are developed, and production maximized. Allowing for complex flexibility in fit and finish, creating your individual space brings together people and a project.


The number one impact to a work experience is seating. From guest usage in a meeting room, flexible training room seating, or the task chair at each desk throughout your office the right chair will set the tone of an experience.


Modern, elegant design and finish options allow the ability to establish your brand at first impression. A brand is more than a logo it's the experience.


No longer do storage pieces serve to only hold your files and misc office supplies. They can make a statement, tie in design through colors or finish type and create circulation.